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Drake & Josh
GenreTeen sitcom
Created byDan Schneider
StarringDrake Bell
Josh Peck
Nancy Sullivan
Jonathan Goldstein
Miranda Cosgrove
Theme music composerDrake Bell
Backhouse Mike
Opening theme"I Found a Way" by Drake Bell
Ending theme"I Found a Way" (instrumental)
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes56 (list of episodes)
Executive producerDan Schneider
ProducersRobin Weiner
(Season 1; supervising producer, Seasons 2–4)
Joe Catania (Season 1; associate producer; co-producer, Seasons 3–4)
Bruce Rand Berman
(Season 4)
Camera setupVideotape (filmized); Multi-camera
(used Filmlook in Season 1)
Running time
Production companiesSchneider's Bakery
Nickelodeon Productions
Original release
ReleaseJanuary 11, 2004 (2004-01-11) –
September 16, 2007 (2007-09-16)
The Amanda Show
Sam & Cat

Drake & Josh is an American teen sitcom created by Dan Schneider for Nickelodeon. The series follows two teenage stepbrothers Drake Parker (Drake Bell) and Josh Nichols (Josh Peck) as they live together despite opposite personalities. The series also stars Nancy Sullivan, Jonathan Goldstein, and Miranda Cosgrove.

After actors Bell and Peck previously appeared in The Amanda Show, Schneider decided to create Drake & Josh with them in starring roles. The series aired from January 11, 2004, to September 16, 2007, totaling 56 episodes and 4 seasons. It also had two TV films: Drake & Josh Go Hollywood (2006) and Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh (2008). The series' opening theme song, "I Found a Way", is written by Drake Bell and Backhouse Mike and performed by Bell.


The series revolves around two teenage stepbrothers, Drake Parker and Josh Nichols, who live in San Diego, California with Drake's younger biological sister Megan and biological mother Audrey, and Josh's biological father Walter. Drake is cool and popular, having his own band and being a ladies' man, yet can be narcissistic and absent-minded, while Josh is intellectual, clumsy, and awkward; yet very loving and caring. Josh ends up working at a local movie theater called The Premiere in the second season of the show, which becomes a key set location. The two boys are often involved in comedic escapades and challenges while also handling various teenage problems.

Drake and Josh have shown multiple times throughout the series that they care deeply about each other. Drake has helped Josh throughout the series and Josh has helped Drake too. They both worked at a movie theatre together, but Drake takes the blame for an incident Josh created and gets fired as he could see Josh cared about the job more. Drake has taken advantage of Josh and Josh always tries to teach him life lessons. For instance, Josh previously arranged his former camp counselors to teach Drake the evils of gambling.



  • Drake Bell as Drake Parker: Megan's biological brother, Josh's stepbrother, Audrey's biological son, Walter's stepson
  • Josh Peck as Josh Nichols: Drake's and Megan's stepbrother, Audrey's stepson, Walter's biological son
  • Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker-Nichols: Josh's stepmother, Drake's and Megan's biological mother[1]
  • Jonathan Goldstein as Walter Nichols: Josh's biological father, Drake's and Megan's stepfather
  • Miranda Cosgrove as Megan Parker: Drake's biological sister, Josh's stepsister, Audrey's biological daughter, Walter's stepdaughter


  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Helen Dubois, manager of the Premiere movie theater (portrayed by Frances Callier in season 2, episode 7 "Little Diva")
  • Jerry Trainor as "Crazy" Steve, employee at the Premiere
  • Allison Scagliotti as Mindy Crenshaw, Josh's girlfriend and ex-science fair rival
  • Alec Medlock as Craig Ramirez, Josh's friend
  • Scott Halberstadt as Eric Blonowitz, Josh's other friend
  • Jake Farrow as Gavin Mitchell, another employee at the Premiere
  • Julia Duffy as Mrs. Hayfer, Drake and Josh's teacher at Bellview High School
  • Roark Critchlow as Dr. Jeff Glazer, a doctor who live across the street from Drake and Josh
  • Cathy Shim as Leah, an employee at the Premiere who appears in Season 4
  • Johnny Lewis as Scottie, Molly Orr as Rina, and Jeremy Ray Valdez as Paul, the band members of Drake's band who appears in Season 1


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
16January 11, 2004 (2004-01-11)February 22, 2004 (2004-02-22)
214March 14, 2004 (2004-03-14)November 28, 2004 (2004-11-28)
317April 2, 2005 (2005-04-02)April 8, 2006 (2006-04-08)
419September 24, 2006 (2006-09-24)September 16, 2007 (2007-09-16)
FilmsJanuary 6, 2006 (2006-01-06)December 5, 2008 (2008-12-05)


Drake Bell and Josh Peck had previously acted together on The Amanda Show, created by Dan Schneider.[2] Bell and Peck's differing personalities inspired Schneider to create a new show starring them as characters with traits similar to their own.[3] An unaired pilot episode featured Stephen Furst as Walter Nichols, although he was busy with another project when Drake & Josh was picked up as a series, and Jonathan Goldstein was cast in the role instead.[4][5] A house in Los Angeles' Encino neighborhood was used for exterior shots of the family's home,[6][7][8] while interior scenes were shot on a sound stage at the Nickelodeon on Sunset studios in Hollywood.[9] As of January 2005, Tribune Studios in Hollywood was also used as a filming location.[10]

Production was suspended in late December 2005, after Bell's injury in a car crash,[11][12] prior to which he had filmed three episodes of the fourth season.[11] Filming resumed in March 2006.[13][14] The following month, Nickelodeon greenlit an additional seven episodes for the fourth season, and Bell and Peck also signed on to direct several episodes.[15][14] With the extended season, filming was now expected to continue through July 2006.[14] According to Schneider, the show ended due to a collective decision from the creative forces behind the show.[16]

The profession of the family's mother and her name are never revealed on the show, although Schneider had written dialogue into the series finale that would have revealed her name as Audrey and her profession as a catering business. The scene was filmed, but Schneider ultimately chose to remove it during editing. Schneider said, "On the one hand, I thought it was funny to finally reveal it, so casually, in the very last episode – there was something ironic about that. But then I decided that, because fans always seemed to have fun trying to figure it out (what 'Mom's' name and job were), it would be better to 'keep the bit going' for eternity, by never revealing it in any episode."[1]



Drake & Josh aired on Nickelodeon and premiered in the United States on January 11, 2004. The final episode aired on September 16, 2007. After the series ended, reruns aired occasionally on TeenNick until 2022.

Home media[edit]

Below is a list of official DVD and VHS releases of Drake & Josh.

Title Region 1 Region 4 Contains
Drake & Josh: Vol. 1 Suddenly Brothers (VHS release included) February 15, 2005 2009 Season 1 episodes: Pilot, Dune Buggy, Two Idiots and a Baby, First Crush
Never-before-seen outtakes
Drake & Josh Go Hollywood (VHS release included) January 31, 2006 2010 The TV film
2 bonus episodes: Helen's Surgery & Mindy's Back
"I Found a Way" Music video
Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Winners Collection 2007 N/A Season 4 episode: Who's Got Game?
The Best of Drake & Josh: Seasons 1 & 2 August 21, 2008 January 4, 2016 Season 1 episodes: Pilot, Dune Buggy, Two Idiots and a Baby, First Crush, Grammy
Season 2 episodes: The Bet, Movie Job, Football, Pool Shark, Smart Girl, Little Diva, Number 1 Fan, Mean Teacher, Drew & Jerry, Honor Council
The Best of Drake & Josh: Seasons 3 & 4 August 29, 2008 N/A Season 3 episodes: Alien Invasion, Little Sibling, Megan's New Teacher, Foam Finger, We're Married?, Paging Dr. Drake, Theater Thug, Girl Power
Season 4 episodes: Dance Contest, Treehouse, Helicopter, Megan's Revenge, The Great Doheny, The Storm
Drake & Josh: Hermanos y Cómplices (Brothers and Accomplices)
Drake & Josh: Parceiros No Crime (Partners in Crime)
N/A 2011 Season 2 episodes: Smart Girl, Football, Little Diva, The Gary Grill, Pool Shark, Honour Council
Note: The DVD was only released in Latin America; thus, it features English, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese audio tracks, and English, Spanish and Portugal subtitle tracks


The series premiere was watched by 3.2 million viewers,[17] Nickelodeon's highest-rated series premiere in nearly 10 years.[18] As of 2006, Drake & Josh ranked consistently among the 10 most-watched cable shows of the week,[11] and was the top-rated live-action series among children aged 2 to 11 years old.[18] It averaged three million viewers at the time.[15] It proved to be popular with younger viewers.[19] According to Schneider, Drake & Josh had its highest ratings in its final season.[16]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2005 2005 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite TV Show Drake & Josh Nominated[20][21]
2006 2006 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite TV Show Won[22]
2006 Australian Kids' Choice Awards Fave TV Show Drake & Josh Nominated[23]
2007 2007 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite TV Show Nominated[24][25]
2007 UK Kids' Choice Awards Best TV Show Drake & Josh Won[26]
Best TV Actor Drake Bell Nominated[26]
2007 Australian Kids' Choice Awards Fave Nick Show Drake & Josh Won[27]
Young Artist Awards Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) – Supporting Young Actress Miranda Cosgrove Nominated[28]
Casting Society of America Best Casting – Children's TV Programming Krisha Bullock Nominated[29]
2008 2008 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite TV Show Drake & Josh Won[30]
2008 UK Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Kids' TV Show Drake & Josh Won[31]
2008 Australian Kids' Choice Awards Fave Comedy Show Drake & Josh Won[32]
2009 2009 Australian Kids' Choice Awards Fave Comedy Show Drake & Josh Nominated[33]
2010 2010 Australian Kids' Choice Awards Big Kid Award Drake Bell Won[34]


The series received two television films. Drake & Josh Go Hollywood premiered on January 6, 2006. In the film, Drake and Josh are left at home in San Diego after their parents go on a ten-day cruise. The boys are told to take Megan to the airport so she can visit her friend in Denver, but they accidentally send her on a flight to Los Angeles. Drake and Josh go to Hollywood to get Megan back, but end up stopping a multibillion-dollar heist and booking a guest-spot for Drake on TRL. According to TV Guide, it was the highest-rated program on all of cable during its opening week.

Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh premiered on December 5, 2008. Michael Grossman directed the film, and Schneider returned as executive producer. In the film, Drake and Josh try to give a foster family "the best Christmas ever".[35] The premiere of Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh broke the record of most viewers for the premiere of a Nickelodeon film with 9.10 million viewers, a title previously held by iGo to Japan.

Other media[edit]


Name Notes
"I Found a Way" The opening theme song of the TV series by Drake Bell. Music video directed by Joey Boukadakis.[36]
Drake & Josh The Drake & Josh soundtrack from the TV series.
"Makes Me Happy" From the episode "Really Big Shrimp" by Drake Bell.
"Jingle Bells" From the TV film Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh by Drake Bell.
"Christmas Wrapping" From the TV film Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh by Miranda Cosgrove.

Video games[edit]

Two video games based on Drake & Josh have been released on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. Both of them were published by THQ and released in 2007.

Game Publisher Platform North American release date
Drake & Josh THQ Game Boy Advance March 15, 2007
Drake & Josh: Talent Showdown THQ Nintendo DS July 30, 2007


A book series based on Drake & Josh has been published by children's publisher Scholastic since 2006. The books are written by author Laurie McElroy.

Book Author Info
Blues Brothers Laurie McElroy Based on the episodes "Blues Brothers" and "Number 1 Fan"
Sibling Revelry Laurie McElroy Based on the episodes "The Bet" and "Peruvian Puff Pepper"
Drake & Josh Go Hollywood Laurie McElroy Based on the TV film Drake & Josh Go Hollywood
Kid Trouble Laurie McElroy Based on the episodes "Megan's New Teacher" and "Little Sibling"
Alien Invasion Laurie McElroy Based on the episodes "Alien Invasion" and "The Demonator"
Surprise! Laurie McElroy Based on the episodes "Josh Runs into Oprah" and "Vicious Tiberius"
Josh Is Done Laurie McElroy Based on the episodes "Josh Is Done" and "I Love Sushi"

A Cine-Manga version titled, "Match Made in Heaven", was released by TokyoPop in 2006. The book was based on the first two episodes of the first season.

Online videos[edit]

Beginning in December 2016, Bell and other cast members released a series of short online videos titled Where's Walter? Bell, Sullivan, and Yvette Nicole Brown reprised their roles for the videos, which involve a search for Walter after he goes missing.[37][38][39]

Cancelled revival[edit]

In March 2019, Bell announced that he and Peck were working on a Drake & Josh revival that would feature both of them reprising their roles.[40] The proposed project would have featured similar characters and scenarios in a more adult, comedic way.[41] At the time, Bell and Peck were in discussions with several networks about the project.[42] However, in October 2021, it was reported that the revival had been cancelled, as a result of production delays and Bell's guilty plea to charges of attempted child endangerment.[43]

In September 2021, Bell and Peck reunited to reprise their respective Drake & Josh characters for a Face/Off-themed sketch on Adult Swim's Robot Chicken.[44]

In March 2022, Bell and his wife Janet stated that the reboot show they had pitched would be called Josh & Drake. Ultimately, the idea was shelved due to creative differences. The show's script was said to have been written by Peck. Janet stated, "Josh wrote Drake as a failed musician and Josh wrote himself as a real estate agent. OK, that's fine, but Drake is a musician in real life, so it wouldn't make sense." Bell added, "I just asked him to change a couple things and he couldn't and my wife wouldn't let me do it."[45]

In July 2022, while on press for his memoir Happy People Are Annoying, Peck revealed that Bell and his wife Janet's accusations blaming him for the reboot being cancelled were entirely false, and that the real reason why the reboot got cancelled was due to creative differences, and stated that he felt uncomfortable working with Bell, due to his criminal record. He also revealed that they were never friends in real life, confirming that the two went eight years without seeing or speaking to each other following the show's conclusion."[46][47]

In March 2023, Cosgrove told E! News "nothing's off the table" in regards to a possible revival.[48]


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