Santa Clara Volcano

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Santa Clara Volcano
View of the southern Santa Clara cinder cone from the flanks of the northern one.
Highest point
Elevation4843+ ft (1476+ m) NAVD 88[1]
Coordinates37°15′25″N 113°37′30″W / 37.25694°N 113.62500°W / 37.25694; -113.62500
LocationWashington County, Utah
United States
Age of rock1,400,000 yrs
Mountain typeVolcanic field and cinder cones
Last eruption27,000 years ago
Easiest routeHike

Santa Clara Volcano is a volcanic field and lava flow in the Diamond Valley in Washington County, Utah, United States. The most prominent features are two cinder cones that rise above Snow Canyon State Park. The southern cinder cone and most of the north cinder cone is within the boundaries of Snow Canyon State Park. The city of St. George, Utah is located in a volcanic field. The date of the last eruption is unknown.


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